We love sourcing interesting, one off vintage pieces on our regular buying trips in Europe. 

Because no two pieces are ever the same, we can't simply order up another identical item when one sells.... but we can definitely hunt for something similar in the future  - so please take a scroll through some of our previous pieces and if you see something that would be perfect for your place, get in touch: we'll see if we can find something similar next time! 

Vintage Belgian Workbench

Elegant & streamlined Belgian workbench. Complete with working vice, this piece offers the perfect combination of form and function. The size and lower shelf make this an ideal hallway console or kitchen island.

Vintage Dutch Stepladder

Cute set of steps; once in use for working but now best suited to being a decorative item.

Vintage European Armoire

Elegant vintage European armoire, complete with lock & key. Featuring three shelves and a unique outward-folding compartment at the base, it provides excellent storage and lends itself to a multitude of uses.

Vintage European Sideboard

This one is something special - the kind of piece you’ll find yourself stopping and staring at as you catch a glimpse of it. Partly because it is seriously large, but mostly because it is so unique. Providing loads of storage with a row of deep drawers as well as three banks of double-door cupboards, it is finished off with a parquet benchtop complete with all the bumps & lumps you’d associate with a vintage item. It really is something else. Lockable, with the original key.

Vintage French Bakery Shop Counter

Simply spectacular French bakery counter unit dating from the early 1900s... a stunning example of Belle Epoque style. With its solid stone top, it makes an ideal kitchen island and will be a showstopper in your home for many more years to come. Featuring 3 drawers at one end and two at the rear, it offers loads of storage as well as a dash of history: one of the drawers is still complete with its' original bread cutting mechanism, where the baker would place the bread and slice it, the crumbs falling into a removable tray underneath. Original etched drawer pulls on 4 of the 5 drawers; the 5th drawer - the cash register - has been replaced at some point with a slightly newer handle. We discovered an assortment of old French Franc coins actually inside the cash drawer's locking mechanism dating from between 1945 and 1960.Pieces with a story is what we are all about here... and this one is my all time favourite.

Vintage French Egg Basket

I love coming across goods like these on my travels: simple products for the home that serve a purpose, look good, and stand the test of time. The ultimate in humble simplicity, these wire baskets are ideal for their intended purpose - eggs! - but look equally good filled with citrus or perhaps even a plant.

Vintage French Oak Shutters

Gorgeous freestanding vintage French window shutters, circa 1880s. Beautiful patina, perfect for adding a touch of character to any space in your home.

Vintage French Timber Shutter

Perfect backdrop for your eclectic vignette, these faded white timber shutters are just the perfect finishing touch.

Vintage German Cubby Holes

Timber cubby holes, originally from a German textile factory. Perfect for displaying your treasures.

Vintage Oak Table

Beautiful vintage oak dining table found in Northern France. Perfect size for an eat-in kitchen, with elegant turned legs and useful drawer for storage. Gorgeous patina that simply glows, really highlighing the lovely chocolate colour.

Vintage Spanish Oak Dining Table

Gorgeous Spanish oak dining table that comfortably seats 8 people, and features elegant harp shaped legs along with wrought iron 'Neptune's Fork' stretcher. A real statement piece that is sure to become the heart of your home.

Vintage Workshop Cabinet

Super solid steel & timber workshop cabinet in the most delightful shade of soft apple green.

Belgian Parquet Top Shop Counter

Add a touch of European elegance to your home with this Belgian parquet-topped shop counter. Beautiful chocolate colour with the most gorgeous sheen after years of use, this is an ideal size for a hallway table, living room console, or kitchen island.

Black Painted Timber Box

Cute timber box with unusual curved lid from Holland. Perfect for hiding away your treasures!

Farmhouse coat rack with shelf

White wall mounted vintage shelf with original hooks. Super useful piece and a quick & easy way to add a bit of vintage personality to your walls.

French Coathook Panel - Small

Simple & useful coathook panel, featuring metal hooks tipped with enamel balls- a really lovely feature.

French Farmhouse Table

Circa 18th century table with the most beautiful patina - incredibly silky finish to the top. Easy 6-seater, but also the ideal size for a desk. Chestnut top with oak legs, and offering a drawer at one end and a pull-out cutting board at the other. Just imagine the life that has been lived around this beauty!

French Marble Bistro Table

Elegant stone topped bistro table with iron legs, featuring pretty coral pink and grey veining. Perfectly sized for a multitude of uses: a unique desk, a kitchen work space, or perhaps a bar cart!

French Oak Bench Seat

A matching pair of gorgeous French oak bench seats, the perfect addition to your dining table.

French Oak Cupboard

Absolutely stunning French oak deux-corps dresser. Found in Northern France, its the perfect addition to your home with great storage along with immense charm.

French Oak Stool

Absolutely beautiful oak bench stool found in Northern France. Beautiful patina and a really useful size, it works perfectly as a side table or bedside, or as a small coffee table. Elegant proportions ensure it will compliment just about anywhere.

French Workbench

Solid timber workbench originally from a farmhouse in Poitiers. Simple, elegant lines and an unusual slatted shelf. This displays all the bumps & bruises you'd expect with a piece of furniture that was built to be used, rather than admired - yet is now so easily admired in a domestic setting.

Pigeon Hole Shelving

A real collectors item, this large set of wooden pigeon holes will definitely inject a real hit of character & style in your home. Ideal for displaying your treasures, its sure to become a treasured piece in it’s own right.

Table Top Multi-Drawer Workshop Cabinet

The gorgeous soft duck egg blue colour sets this ex-industrial set of drawers apart. Originally part of a much larger built-in workshop unit, this is now the perfect size to pop on a sideboard or desk to store all sorts of bits & pieces.

Vintage Bakers Rack

Sturdy and industrial, this pine & oak bakers rack is something else! Excellent storage with its deep shelving.

Vintage Baltic Pine Trunk

Make like a pirate and store your own treasure in this gorgeous vintage timber chest!

Vintage Carpenters Workbench

An absolute gem of a carpenters workbench. Complete with the lumps & bumps you'd expect with a piece of furniture that started life as an industrial item, now perfect to add a touch of eclectic style as a sideboard or perhaps hallway console.

Vintage Dutch Timber Tray

Super useful and really interesting timber tray complete with handle running the length of the tray. Perfect for a planter full of herbs on an outdoor table or stacked with coffee table items.

Vintage European Butchers Block

Incredibly heavy, solid Beech butchers block. Its years of use have left it with a silk like finish but it still has plenty of life left yet! Two deep drawers below which run very smoothly & offer plentiful storage. At some point in its history it has had a newer top added to the original, to solve the usual problem that butchers blocks end up with of the deep dent worn into the worktop over years of use. This however was clearly done some time ago as it is itself clearly old! The benefit is is that the surface is far more even than you often find with vintage butchers blocks and thus significantly more useful.

Vintage European Timber Lockers

These beautiful timber lockers provide an ideal storage solution for any number of spaces. The tall slim shape lends itself particularly well to children's clothing,linen, or even a kitchen pantry given the perforated metal door inserts. A real showstopper, we sourced a similar set in an earlier shipment and they were incredibly popular so we were delighted to find these this time around.

Vintage French Coathooks

Oak coathook rail with the most gorgeous iron hooks.

Vintage French Metal Letter - 'C'

Just the perfect addition for styling eclectic vignettes, this metal C is a particularly beautiful cursive font. Old gold paint flaked off in places revealing even older original gold coloured metal.

Vintage French Pharmacy Signage

Something genuinely really very special here. Vintage copper building signage from a French pharmacy. The Art Deco font is truly breathtaking; it will become a treasured talking point in your home, adding an eclectic yet elegant nod to history.

Vintage French Vitrine

Beautiful timber & glass vitrine with a gorgeous patina and plenty of character. Ideal for showcasing your treasures and creating eclectic vignettes.

Vintage Green Glass Bottle

Absolutely gorgeous green glass bottle, perfect for adding just that touch of colour to your home. Beautiful empty, but also perfect for flowers.

Vintage Oars

Ideal decor for a lake or beach house, these vintage timber oars were found in Holland and now make the perfect eclectic decor item.

Vintage Timber Brewery Crate

Very cool, and very sturdy vintage Swedish timber beer crates, originally from the Kronleins Brewery in Halmstad. Ideal storage crates for just about anywhere in your home.

Vintage Zinc Tub

Elongated oval zinc tub, perfect for summer entertaining as an ice bucket, or a movable herb planter perhaps.

Belgian Postal Sorting Table

Incredibly unique, absolutely beautiful early 1900s Belgian postal sorting table. Can easily seat 6-8 people as a dining table, however its' slim lines make it suitable for a sideboard or buffet too. What makes it really special however are the hand turned drawers & cupboards underneath - three sliding drawers perfect for cutlery, and 2 forward-folding hinged cupboards. A real statement piece that is sure to become the heart of your home.

Blue Glass Cake Stand

Absolutely beautiful blue glass cake stand...the perfect kitchen addition for 2020 - the year of Classic Blue.

French Apple Crate

Something I've never come across before, this vintage French crate with long handle was originally used in apple orchards. Now ideal for table top displays, or perhaps a rustic fruit bowl.

French Coatrack with Shelf

The always popular but increasingly hard to find farmhouse style coatrack with shelf. Practical and beautiful even when it's empty, it's the perfect addition to your hallway, mudroom, or kitchen with the shelf above the ideal spot to display your treasures.

French Laundry Basket

Absolutely gourgeous handmade wicker basket with an elegant open weave, found in Northern France.

French Mirror

Absolutely gorgeous vintage French mirror with it's original white plaster & paint artfully chipped showing the timber frame behind. Perfect size for both leaning up on a sideboard or hanging on the wall.

French Oak Bench Seat

Something really special here, with this French oak bench seat that is unlike anything we have seen before. Very sturdy and unique with the double-plank form, this is sure to become treasured items in someone's home.

French Oak Desk

Perfectly proportioned vintage French oak table, ideal as an elegant desk or a small dining table.

French Pharmacy Drawers

Spectacular 29-drawer oak pharmacy cabinet, circa early 1900s. Each drawer runs well, and the really special feature is the larger central drawer which pulls out to offer a writing station with hinged lid. This is exactly the sort of piece I hope to find each time I go hunting.... but rarely, if ever, do.

Green Glass Bottle

Beautiful deep green vintage glass bottle. I always look for interesting shaped bottles in this colour but rarely find them in this particular shade so snapped this one up as soon as I saw it.

Rustic French Farmhouse Bench Seat

Perfectly sized for your hallway or mudroom, this rustic farmhouse style bench seat oozes charm with its honest design and clearly hand made style.

Thonet 8 Drawer Cabinet

Timber cabinet with 8 drawers by Thonet. Super useful, very deep drawers.

Vintage Bakers Table

Traditional European bakers’ table featuring sleek curved metal frame which gives a slight Art Deco nod, and a well worn timber top displaying the warm glowing patina resulting from many a hand working on it over the years. With two extremely deep drawers and a large shelf below, it’s sure to become a much loved item in your home for both it’s good looks and practicality.

Vintage Belgian Multi Drawer Cabinet

Unique and super useful, this European pine cabinet offers a great combination of storage and display space. Still featuring the original drawer pull handles.

Vintage Double Door Cupboard

Absolutely oozing character, this is one of those super useful items. Large enough to make a statement but not so huge as to be overwhelming, with a wide flat top and two decent shelves it provides ample storage. Delicious French-vanilla colour.

Vintage Dutch Workbench

One of a kind bright blue steel & timber industrial workbench. Solid, sturdy, and seriously heavy, this is the kind of talking piece you'll never find again. Would make an exceptional kitchen island or showpiece buffet, offering loads of storage. Please note the rear is currently open - see photos where cupboard doors are open, you are able to see through to wall behind unit.

Vintage European Glass Vitrine

Very large glass & Baltic pine cabinet. Formerly a school storage unit, this is a seriously impressive piece. Of all the items we found on our last trip, this one was by far the largest... and by far the most worrisome to get home all the way to NZ but amazingly arrived in perfect condition, ready to become a showstopper in someone's home. With its super deep shelves, it suits a myriad uses; I envisioned it as a linen cupboard with stacks of lovely blankets folded neatly inside, but would work equally well for displaying your favourite books, or precious treasures.

Vintage European Workshop Cabinet

This one is seriously impressive... and seriously heavy! A former workshop cabinet, it offers excellent storage and would make a fine sideboard or kitchen island. Oh and the timber top? AMAZING. So soft to the touch, it's developed a delicious patina over the years and feels amazing. Steel base offering two deep drawers, two cupboards, and then finished off with two slatted timber shelves at the base which make for an excellent display space.

Vintage French Dresser

C1930s Soft grey-white painted French dresser, ideal for almost any room of the house - a super practical and charming addition offering plenty of storage. Original brass catches & handles all in great working order.

Vintage French Metal Letter - Ampersand

Just the perfect addition for styling eclectic vignettes, this metal ampersand is a particularly beautiful cursive font. Old gold paint flaked off in places revealing even older original gold coloured metal.

Vintage French Shop Counter

Early 1900s French shop counter, painted in the most delicious petrol blue colour. The perfect size & shape for a hallway table, or a kitchen island - the original drawers at the rear provide ample storage. Wherever it goes, it will add loads of personality & character.

Vintage French Workbench

Absolutely beautiful French workbench. Complete with working vice, this piece offers the perfect combination of form and function with 4 drawers & a shelf just perfect for displaying special treasures.

Vintage Green Workbench

Beautiful Dutch jade green workbench, complete with all the character you'd expect from an ex-industrial item. Perfect size & shape for a hallway console or sideboard.

Vintage Oval Glass Cloche

The real deal folks, all the way from Belgium. Amazingly the glass domes arrived intact and are ready to house your precious treasures.

Vintage Timber Sled - Small

Gorgeous vintage timber sleds, so easy to imagine generations of children having the time of their lives on this. Now they're ready to make the perfect decorative item for your home.

18 Drawer Cabinet

Spectacular 18 drawer timber cabinet. Timber with oak veneer, this is a real statement piece - at the same time as being phenomenally useful. Two shelves slide out midway.

Black Baltic Pine Pantry

The ever popular Baltic pine pantry, this one slightly taller than others we have sourced. Ideal kitchen or living room storage with 5 deep drawers and wide cupboard with 3 shelves. With its black paint, it lends itself to a variety of interior styles, particularly more contemporary spaces unlike many more traditional Baltic pine pieces.

Copper Trough

Gorgeous copper trough, which would make an ideal herb planter for your kitchen or outdoor table. Solid piece with roll top edges and dovetailed joints. I have not polished this piece, preferring to leave its natural aged patina intact.

French Bench Seat

Absolutely beautiful French bench seat. Beautiful blonde colour with lovely patina and interesting angled ends make this a one of a kind treasure for your home.

French Farmhouse Table

Circa 18th century table with the most beautiful patina - incredibly silky finish to the top. Ideal size for a sideboard or desk.

French Marble Bistro Table

Spectacular marble-topped bistro table from Northern France. The marble is a cool white colour with soft grey veining, sitting on top of turned oak legs. Perfect as a hallway table, but also large enough to work well as a desk or small kitchen island space.

French Oak & Pine Bench Seat

Absolutely beautiful rustic oak and pine bench seat from Northern France. An absolute find with stunning colour & patina. Ideal kitchen bench seat or entrance hallway addition.

French Oak Bench Seat

Absolutely beautiful rustic oak bench seat from Northern France. An absolute find with stunning colour & patina. Perfect for behind a sofa, the end of your bed, or a kitchen diner.

French Oak Dresser

Beautiful French oak dresser featuring 9 square drawers and plenty of shelf space for displaying all your treasures. Multi-drawer units like this are harder and harder to come by and this one is particularly lovely with brass handles and pale blonde colour.

French Pine Drawers

The perfect set of pine drawers! Lovely soft blonde colour and with 3 decent sized drawer means this is both useful and beautiful.

Industrial Wall Hung Workshop Cubby

Steel & timber industrial cubby unit from a French mechanics' workshop. Seriously heavy and seriously cool, these make an excellent choice for creating eclectic vignettes.

Scandinavian Dough Box

Vintage Scandanavian sarcophagus shaped dough box with lid; originally used to keep bread dough safe & warm to enable it to rise but now ideal storage for just about anything in your home. Excellent vintage condition, featuring handcut dovetailed joints and cut out handles on each end piece.

Timber Bottle Crate

Vintage timber beer bottle crate from the Belgian Trappist Abbey of St Sixtus in Vleteren which has been brewing beer since 1838. The brewery's three beers are internationally known for excellent taste & quality but as with all Trappist breweries, are not sold for overwhelming commercial success but instead, simply to create enough income to support the monastery.

Vintage Baltic Pine Cupboard

Delightful Baltic pine cabinet that I am sure is destined to become one of those really useful, how did we manage without, pieces. Offering three deep shelves and a lockable door, it's perfect for storing your treasures.

Vintage Belgian School Chair

One of the most simple yet beautiful items I have come across. Absolutely gorgeous tone & patina to the walnut seat and the bent steel frame gives an elegance not typically seen in children's items.

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