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Hi! It's nice to meet you

The Sunday Society is a home for the perfectly imperfect, the pieces with a story, the future heirlooms. Born from a frustration with not being able to shop in the sort of store I wanted to, in April 2017 we hopped on a plane to Amsterdam (with 3 kids in tow, including a 5 month old baby!) and the adventure began! 

Initially operating predominantly online with a small showroom open by appointment in our own home, we outgrew the front room of our old villa and can now be found in a magnificent 1919 ex-dairy factory. We hope our gallery-like showroom offers you a space to slow down and hit the pause button… which is absolutely the end goal with The Sunday Society: we are, after all, named for the day of the week when we (should!) slow down. 


Now, we travel to Europe several times a year, driving across countries in our truck, hunting out treasures. Offering an eclectic, ever evolving range of pieces, you’re just as likely to find antique French gilt mirrors as you are grunty industrial steel workbenches… and everything in between.

Once home, we carefully restore & repair everything in our onsite workshop - when you visit our showroom you’ll no doubt hear someone working away out the back!  


But: because we wholeheartedly believe there’s much more interest to be had in mixing styles, eras, and genres than in being a slave to one particular look, we present these vintage pieces with a carefully curated selection of new home goods. We are all about the melding of old and new; honouring the longevity & craftsmanship of the antique pieces by pairing them with similarly-minded new items. 


Because we are located a little bit off the beaten track, we work tirelessly to stock makers and products that aren’t found everywhere. 

Our hope is that in doing so, the sense of discovery, of stumbling over a hidden gem, that we ourselves enjoy when hunting in Europe, is translated to you when you visit us. 


So - next time you're in the neighbourhood, come and say hi! I’d love to meet you.


xx Kristyn 



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