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The Dragon Defenders: Book 1  - James Russell

The Dragon Defenders: Book 1 - James Russell


The first book in The Dragon Defenders novels by acclaimed NZ author, James Russel.


The wild and wonderful island home of Flynn and Paddy holds an incredible secret: dragons live there!

When evil boss The Pitbull finds out, he sends his men to kill a dragon, and to bring him back the body. He also wants a dragon’s egg, so he can hatch it in his private zoo. 

Flynn and Paddy’s world is about to be turned upside down. Will their bravery and skill be enough to stop The Pitbull’s evil plan? 


Russell has created wonderfully relatable characters in Paddy & Flynn, exemplifying both the fun, good-natured teasing and the heartwarming bonds shared by brothers.  The Dragon Defenders series of paperback novels sees Paddy & Flynn growing older, but no less adventurous! A wonderful extension to the original Dragon Brothers trilogy, and an excellent way for the original readers of those picture books to continue to enjoy the story as they also grow.


All Dragon Brothers books use ‘augmented reality’ technology to bring the books alive via the free app download AR Reads.


Age recommendation: 7-12 years


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