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Sophie Melville Limited Edition Print - Light of Awareness

Sophie Melville Limited Edition Print - Light of Awareness


A fine art giclée reproduction of an original watercolour artwork. Edition range is 50 total. All prints are printed on German etching fine art watercolour paper and include a paper border around the art. 


Unframed; available in A4 size.


Sophie explains:


"I've found I'm drawn to focusing on the process of creation not the end result. I've then discovered that my best works are when I have given everything to the process of creating and have been utterly absorbed with translating my energy onto paper.


The works in this collection 'Beneath the Stillness' were inspired by a desire to go deeper and build on my acceptance and harmony with the flow of life. While I'm drawn to endless inspiration from my close contact with the mountains in my home town Wanaka, a spark was lit inside me last summer to create works based on the always forgiving and boundless sea.

The concept for going deeper into a place of quiet was to explore how I could visually establish the state of my energy often after stillness through ruling a horizontal line on my paper then picking up a water jar and brush and letting my intuition and vibration guide the artwork's creation.

The play of delicate and sometimes muted clouds beneath a calm and endless sea suggest equilibrium and a centring of thought. This for me is best described as trying to live consciously, with mindfulness, which has helped bring out my essence and to get clear on my values. This has then enabled me to see what is most important in this precious life so I can go about cultivating more of what I want but also softening and accepting the times I would like less of."


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