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Sl.ow Coffee Beans - Seasonal Espresso Colombia & Brazil

Sl.ow Coffee Beans - Seasonal Espresso Colombia & Brazil


From local Cambridge-based Sl.ow Coffee comes this first blend - the current Seasonal Espresso, which offers a 60/40 a blend of their two most popular coffees, Brazil Conquista and Colombia Supremo.


This delicious coffee reminds us of caramel and hazelnut chocolate.


About Sl.ow

Slow was founded off the back of the founder's mental health struggles. using coffee to slow down was a large part of getting better. 

The team at Sl.ow undertand that the world does move fast, so take your time, make a brew, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee! 


This ethos aligns with us utterly perfectly - we are, after all, named for that slow day of the week when we take the time to rest, reset, and enjoy doing the things that fill our cups with the people we love.

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