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Remodelista : The Low-Impact Home

Remodelista : The Low-Impact Home


From the celebrated team at Remodelista comes their latest volume, in which they ask: Can style and sustainability coexist? It’s a question they've been asking themselves since founding Remodelista 15 years ago.


In it, explore strategies, both big and small, for living well while treading lightly on our planet.

What exactly does “low impact” mean? We like to think of it as the new normal: a future-minded approach to home design with an emphasis on conscientious consumerism and earth-friendly choices.


In Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home, we tour the quarters of people who have interpreted low-impact living in myriad ways. We also present room-by-room tips on how to reduce your environmental footprint, from a gentler laundry routine to how to rid your kitchen of plastic.


And there’s more—including 75 of our favorite vintage household items (all easy to source); a global compendium of resources; a guide to how to responsibly get rid of unwanted things; and, of course, remodeling advice of all sorts, whether you’re looking to source nontoxic paint, upgrade your windows, or replace an inefficient water heater.

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