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Noticing - Kobi Yamada

Noticing - Kobi Yamada


Written by Kobi Yamada. Illustrated by Elise Hurst. “The miraculous is everywhere and in everything. Waiting for us to notice it. Waiting for us to appreciate it. Waiting for us to love it.” This is a story about noticing the little things, the grand big things, the imaginary, and sometimes, hidden things. It’s a tale about embracing what’s possible. Written by New York Times best-selling author Kobi Yamada, Noticing follows the discoveries of a painter and her young protégé. Together, they explore what it means to observe with your heart, and use your imagination to expand your vision.


  • With whimsical watercolor illustrations, this beautiful children’s book is an invitation to slow down and notice that the incredible is everywhere, and in everything—waiting to be known.
  • Hardcover
  • Product Size: 23CM x 27CM

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