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Goodwin Ceramics - Tetto Plinth | Blue

Goodwin Ceramics - Tetto Plinth | Blue


A striking sculptural piece, ideal for fruit or cake, flowers, or simply as a styling piece.

Featuring a fresh soft pale blue satin glaze over a carved surface, the style of the Tetto Plinth is reminiscent of kurinuki, a technique originating in Japan. Carved by hand, each piece is unique - perfectly imperfect, just the way we like them! 


Measures approximately 10cm tall x 25cm diameter.


About Goodwin Ceramics


Larissa Goodwin is a local artist and studio potter, based nearby in Matamata, creating functional and ornamental pieces with a focus on form and texture.


They are created using both wheel throwing and hand building techniques and are intended for everyday use. 


Using stoneware clay that is fired in an electric kiln and finished with custom glazes, Goodwin Ceramics pieces celebrate the unique, letting the quality and variations of the clay show through producing a contemporary take on classical forms.


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