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George & Edi Reed Diffuser - Grapefruit & Mint

George & Edi Reed Diffuser - Grapefruit & Mint


A fragrance steeped in sunshine with all its bright and uplifting notes of bitter bergamot, grapefruit and a pop of wild thyme and fresh mint: a bust of happiness just waiting to be lit. 


Fragrance Family: Citrus

Fragrance Strength: *


George & Edi reed diffusers enable you to have a beautiful fragrance in the background of your home. 


How to set up your reed diffuser:


+ Pour perfumed oil into the diffuser vessel, filling 3/4 and then sit on perrspex disc ( provided). Then place all reeds into the oil. Your diffuser is all set up now - enjoy!


+ Be careful not to spill any oil. If you do, clean it up immediately with detergent and a wet cloth, washing off your hands immediately. Do not ingest.


+ George & Edi's high quality reeds do not need to be turned: they will continue to diffuse efficiently, without turning, for at least 6 months. 


+ The strength of the fragrance is determined by the reeds, so if you find the fragrance too strong, simply remove a few of the reeds. 


PLEASE NOTE: Perfumed diffuser oil can damage porous surfaces such as wood. We recommend you sit the vessel on the perspex disc provided with your reed diffuser set. 



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