ACME Roman Coffee Cup & Saucer

ACME's Roman Range are their finer, lighter cups, created for modern espresso. Available in 3 sizes, these are timeless in their style and the fresh green and white colours are at home in just about any style of kitchen.


The 110ml size is perfect for espressos, while the 170ml & 270ml are ideal for milk and black coffee drinkers alike.

The milk colour range is made from from magnesium porcelain, giving these cups a similar feel to bone china, while still remaining durable.

The kawakawa colour range are made from durable porcelain; more suitable for the colour glaze.




Small - 110ml
Outside diameter: 71mm 
Base diameter: 39mm 
Height: 56mm 
Volume: 110ml


Medium - 170ml
Outside diameter: 82mm 
Base diameter: 49mm 
Height: 60mm 
Volume: 110ml


Large: 270ml

Outside diameter: 89mm 
Base diameter: 49mm 
Height: 76mm 
Volume: 270ml

ACME Roman Coffee Cup & Saucer