Vintage Timber Sleds

Gorgeous vintage timber sleighs, so easy to imagine generations of children having the time of their lives on this.

Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your home.



A - Small, Straight end.

94cm long x 24cm wide x 24cm tall



Small, Curled end, blue metal accents.

102cm long x 35cm wide x 25cm tall - body; 35cm tall to top of curl



Medium, curled end

110cm long x 33.5cm wide x 25cm tall - body; 37cm tall to top of curl



Large, curled end. Slightly more curved body.

115cm long x 40cm wide x 30cm tall - body; 44.5cm tall to top of curl




F - Large, flat end. Original makers name embossed on crossbar.

121cm long x 33cm wide x 24.5cm tall.


G - Extra Large, curled end.

126.5cm long x 36cm wide x 27.5cm tall - body; 48cm tall to top of curl.


H - Extra Large, flat end. 

133cm long x 34.5cm wide x 28cm tall



Extra large, curled end.

126cm long x 46.5cm wide x 28cm tall - body; 45cm tall to top of curl



Vintage Timber Sleds