The Busy Finch Ceramic Tumbler - Bright Gold

Elegant and oh so touchable, these handmade ceramic cups are the ideal way to incorporate a little bit of magic to your every day.


Lovingly hand made right here in NZ. Gloss finish with bright gold 24ct glaze.


The Busy Finch produces delicate, hand made ceramic vessels that really do show the maker’s touch in every piece - with a thumb indentation present in exactly the right spot, you’ll never want to drink your coffee out of anything else again!


Each is slightly different in size, but holds approximately 300ml of liquid.


Exclusively produced for The Sunday Society, these cups feature a 24ct gold glaze and like all fine ceramics, are best suited to hand washing only.


Please note: we refer to these as latte sized to give you an idea of the general size but they could be used for all manner of purposes, not just your morning caffeine fix!

The Busy Finch Ceramic Tumbler - Bright Gold