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'Sunguided' - Original Artwork by Brenda Clews

'Sunguided' - Original Artwork by Brenda Clews


We are utterly thrilled to stock selected original artworks by talented Auckland artist, Brenda Clews. Featuring abstract strokes and bold colour, 'Sunguided' is a joyous interpretation of the natural landscape. 


Measures 54cm x 54cm; framed. 

Acrylic on Canvas.



About Brenda:


As a self-taught artist, I've been using art as a visual diary since my childhood. Nature is an ever-present theme for me. There's a constant source of inspiration to draw from. I love taking my camera on walks, in the park or the beach, I can capture that unexpected composition or beautiful light. I take those ideas home with me and then set about bringing them to life. The paintings become an extension of me.


Although I live in Auckland, the Coromandel is where I feel most at home. The beach, the trees, nature - raw and beautiful, are the subjects of most of my work. My process is very much an organic, natural approach to painting. I take my camera everywhere and try to capture images out on walks at the park or on the beach. I take them home and set about transferring that feeling of being out in nature to the canvas. Beginning with sweeping, free-flowing layers of colour juxtaposed with definitive markings and outlines to create the composition and story of each piece.

My style is eclectic in colour, style and form, I love the freedom painting gives me, an escape from the everyday. Being actively creative with paint on the canvas has always been a kind of therapy for me, I often lose myself in the moment when I paint. The added attraction is the element of feeling like I'm immersing myself in nature, even from within my studio.

‘The landscape can present hundreds of different versions of itself, in different seasons, times of day and changes in light. I’m just over here trying to capture it all, and loving every minute of it!’

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