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Learning to be French (and failing) - Anna Bibby

Learning to be French (and failing) - Anna Bibby


Haven't we all at some point dreamt of throwing caution to the wind and experience French life as a local in some gorgeous village somewhere whilst restoring a romatically rundown villa? Well - Anna Bibby did just that and this is her story. 


Anna Bibby owned a successful art gallery in New Zealand until one day, on holiday in France, she bought a falling-down house in a picturesque medieval village.  She doesn’t speak French, has no idea about French culture, she’s chaotic, has an affair with the tiler, the ancient buildings have many issues with leaking etc.  Despite all this the locals take her under their wing.


Beautifully illustrated with gorgeous photography, this is both an engaging read and also a beautiful book to pore over and dream of your own European adventures.



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