Gibson & Green Grow Kit - Salad Days

Gibson & Green Grow Kits: all you need to be a gardener. Designed right here in New Zealand, Gibson & Green Grow Kits are beautifully packaged and contain all the things you need to get your green thumb working!


Salad Days ensures an ongoing supply of delicious salad ingredients fresh from your very own garden. We’re already drooling over the luscious Indigo Rose Apple tomatoes in this kit.


Seeds include:

  • Basil, Sweet Genovese
  • Cucumber, Tendergreen
  • Lettuce, Mesclun Mix
  • Peas, Sugarsnap
  • Tomato, Indigo Apple


Growing supplies include:

  • Coir pellets x10
  • Biodegradable pots x8
  • Seed raising mix x1L
  • Seed labels



Gibson & Green Grow Kit - Salad Days