Gibson & Green Grow Kit - Kids Croppers

Gibson & Green Grow Kits: all you need to be a gardener. Designed right here in New Zealand, Gibson & Green Grow Kits are beautifully packaged and contain all the things you need to get your green thumb working!


This Grow Kit teaches kids so many things - the magic of germination, how food grows, and how good a crop tastes when you’ve grown it yourself. The seed selection changes seasonally so we know you’ll be successful. Go on, make a kid’s day and gift them this kit!


Seeds include:

  • Carrot, Purple Dragon
  • Dwarf Bean, Berrgold
  • Marigold, Nemo Mix
  • Peas, Petit Provencal
  • Sweetcorn, Honey & Pearl


    Growing supplies include:

    • Coir pellets x25
    • Seed labels

    Gibson & Green Grow Kit - Kids Croppers