George & Edi Triple-Milled Soap Bar

These gorgeous bar soaps are manufactured using a traditional triple-milled process, which makes for a harder bar, creamy & long lasting.

To ensure maximum moisturising for your hard-working hands, George & Edi soaps are made from an olive and coconut oil blended soap base, with added shea butter, hemp seed oil, and apricot oil: to ensure clean, soft skin after use. 


Available in 3 luscious scents:


Fig Scent Notes

Plump ripe figs with bittersweet green leaves & notes of blackcurrant create a hint of the Mediterranean on a scorching afternoon - a relaxed earthy & green fragrance beautiful throughout the day. 



In Bloom Scent Notes

The gorgeous scent of warm summer days in voluptuous bloom, she is the queen of white florals, intoxicating and a little flirty. 



Liquorice Scent Notes

A tantalizingly complex and warm fragrance with notes of anise, wood, leather and a sweet air of delicious mystery. 



George & Edi Triple-Milled Soap Bar