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Flowers for Friends - Julia Atkinson-Dunn

Flowers for Friends - Julia Atkinson-Dunn


This is a book about flower arranging from the perspective of a gardener.


It’s easy to lose ourselves in the fast pace of life, family, work and global events beyond our control. Moments of meditation, creativity and connecting with nature are often difficult to find, but we are well reminded of the benefits when we do – the pinching of 30 minutes in a day to wander with secateurs in hand and the calm comfort in playing with foliage and flowers to be enjoyed during daily, domestic life. Flowers for Friends is both a reflection, and story of the seasons brought indoors by Julia Atkinson-Dunn when harvesting from her garden and foraging in Canterbury, New Zealand.


Written in her signature casual tone, Julia offers an accessible guide to picking, conditioning and arranging home-grown treasures, celebrating their quirks and encouraging unexpected combinations. Seasonal chapters profile arrangements she has made, detailing plants in season and inviting readers to play without the hunt for perfection, or restraint.


Size: 260 x 200 mm, portrait
Pages: 192
Cover: paperback with gatefold and embossed title


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