Everdaily - Ever Concentrate Multi-Purpose Cleaner : Mandarin & Basil

You'll never go back to supermarket spray cleaning bottles again! Everdaily's concentrate is the superstar in your cleaning arsenal -  simply mix with tap water to the prescribed conenctrations and you've got a biodegradable cleaner for the kitchen, bathroom, windows, dishes - it can even do the laundry. How's THAT for impressive?


You can mix up Everdaily Concentrate in any bottle you may have, or make use of one of their smartly designed spray bottles that have mixing guidelines displayed for ease of use. 


All for 1 : 1 for all 

+ Non-toxic
+ Plant & Mineral Based
+ Biodegradable
+ Hypo-Allergenic
+ Fragrance Free
+ Preservative Free
+ No artificial colours


Simply mix with tap water at home and create the product you need when you need it. Saving time, space, money and unnecessary single-use bottles! 


This 1 Litre bottle can make :

3 bottles of Multi-Purpose Spray +
2 bottles of Bathroom Cleaner +
2 bottles of Glass Cleaner +
50 sinks of Dishes +
20 loads of Laundry



Everdaily - Ever Concentrate Multi-Purpose Cleaner : Mandarin & Basil