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My favourite thing in the world is transforming the spaces we spend our time in, into something special; it is an absolute privilege to help people breathe new life into their homes. A well thought out & cohesive space really can change your whole mood… we all know that instinctive feeling we get when we are in a space that makes us feel good.


Our goal is for your interior styling experience with The Sunday Society to bring joy, sparks creativity, and above all, turns your space into the one of your dreams.

I can help with:

- General advice & concept suggestions (because sometimes all it takes is an impartial sounding board to set you on the right path!)

- Decluttering (Not to get too Marie Kondo, but sometimes the biggest impact comes from taking things out, not adding them in)

- Creating a mood-board that you then use as your guide for continuing on yourself

- Selection of finishes and materials, soft furnishings, lighting & furniture

Ready to get started? Great! - give me a call today for a short chat so I can get an understanding of what you're looking for, and then the fun begins!   


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